Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monkeying Around

Susan Yuen gave me another idea for lil P's snack bento. He has mentioned that he doesn't need any special "cutsie" stuff anymore but I can't help it! besides, he said he doesn't need it, doesn't mean he doesn't want it at all, right?

Same friend gave me hotdog pastry again. I love it when I don't have to think hard for snacks. And it only takes me less than 10 mins to put this together. How easy is that?This will be my "What's for Lunch Wednesday" submission. =)
Snack bento contains hotdog pastry (eyes are swiss cheese with olives, olive nose, turkey bologne mouth and ears), chips ahoy cookies, and grapes.

My lunch bento consists of leftovers. Top tier I have leftover papaya salad and grapes. Bottom tier i have leftover marinated mahi mahi with shroom and onions over rice and veggie tofu chow funn. I put them in Fit and Fresh 2-cup containers, which can be stacked. You can also secure it with a strap if you wish, such as this, or a veggie velcro like this.


  1. Cute Monkey!
    My boy asked for a monkey bento this morning and I asked why he wanted one? He said I always call him a Monkey so I should make him a monkey! :P

  2. @angeleyes: thanks!! haha, that is so funny because we sometimes call lil P "monkey boy" too!

  3. This is so cute! Saw your post on What's for lunch Wednesday. Your recipes sound yummy.

  4. @Janell: Thanks! I think I also stumbled upon your blog to while browsing thru What's for Lunch Wednesday. Good to know we've got more bento-lovers here locally!

  5. Thanks Susan! learned from the pro!