Monday, September 27, 2010

Flat Out Pizza & Stuff

As mentioned in the previous post, this Flat Out bread is nothing but good news to me.
As stated in their slogan, it IS better than sliced bread. The one I picked up was the Multi-Grain, it's only 100 calories, and it has 8 grams of fiber, perfect for lil P.
I purchased these at costco, came in packs of 3, each pack has 6 wraps. I would use one pack and freeze the other until I need them. So far, I'm loving it. I've made steak wrap, popcorn chicken wrap, chips (slice them into small pieces and bake them crisp), quesdillas, and today is pizza.

Pictured: spaghetti sauce, mexican mix cheese, pepperoni, and olives.

I am excited for Halloween coming up. We used to buy lil P costumes but after my jaw dropped of paying 50 bucks for a power ranger costume, I told myself, NO WAY! And instead, I started making him costumes. This year will be no different. Below are some of my work from previous years.

Ash from Pokemon (our dog was digitally enhanced, no animals were harm), Ang the Air Bender, the Harry Potter Costume I started early, I don't like to procrastinate. I even had enough time to make the cousins same outfits and they entered into a contest and took 2nd place! Woohoo what an accomplishment! I have less than a month left to get his costume complete for a contest a week prior to halloween. Hopefully I'll get it done on time!

There is another GIVEAWAY! This time is from CSN stores by Couture & Crayons. This mom is so chic and fashionable! I love all her fashion sense! See her post here on how to enter, deadline is this Friday so hurry!!


  1. These flat breads sounds interesting! It looked a bit like tortilla wrap right?? Or maybe the Indian naan??

    Hey! You are great at sewing! I so wish to sew now but my skills are so rusty I think the sewing machine is afraid of me! hahahaha

    Can't wait to see what Lil P will be wearing for Halloween this year!

  2. Thanks Angeleyes!! they're very similar to tortilla wraps but it's thicker than tortillas. As for wouldn't belive that I don't have a sewing machine, so I do everything with hand, thread, needles, glue, and scissors. Crazy yes!

  3. Your pizza reminds me of the Domino's thin crust, looks so yummy! And you are really great in sewing! Love the costumes so much! Looking forward for your masterpiece this year!

  4. @kidsDreamWork: Thanks! I love thin crust pizzas! thanks for the encouragement for the costume...still working on it!