Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snack Bento, Crab Salad, Miso Salad Dressing

The day has come! Lil P said he doesn't need anything special for his snacks anymore. I brought this bento to him and asked what he would like on top of the bran muffin, and he said "no need to put anything, i'm fine like this" and told me to leave it like this. I think this 9 year old is all grown up! No more cutsie stuff anymore! =( This snack bento contains Bran Muffin, grapes, and oreo cookies.


If you are thinking about start making bentos, these giveaways would be a great way to start!!

Bento Fun is doing a giveaway for her 200th blog entry.
A Pocket Full of Buttons is doing a giveaway for getting 1,000 followers

OMG, I don't even have 100 entries on my blog yet or even 100 comments including mine...Neither do I have 10 followers. hahaha!!

A perfect way for me to start Monday is to have salad for lunch. This salad contains: lettuce, yellow grape tomatoes, corn, olives, imitation crab, along with homemade miso dressing.

3 tbs miso
1 tbs rice vinegar
1 tbs water
3 tsp sugar
2 tsp seasame oil

Mix them together and taste, add more miso or sugar to taste.


  1. I wonder when will my boys start rejecting cute bento too! I hope not so soon, as I'm really enjoy doing it now, haha...
    The salad looks really refreshing and healthy!

  2. Ok... my boy still have another 4 years to go so I think I still can do all the cutesy bentos!!

    Thanks Mrs. P for participating in my giveaway and putting up the link and I wish you all the luck!!! :D

  3. @KidsDreamWork: I may have started this bento business too late. My boy would have enjoyed it more if I were to discover this sooner. I hope your boy won't rejected too soon...yet!

    @ Angeleyes: Not a problem! I never win anything so the least I can do is share them with my virtual friends and hope that they could win it!