Thursday, June 19, 2014

Miso Pork

I am alive and well!! Just been busy with so many things that I didn't have time to post. So recently I bought a tub of white miso for something I can no longer remembers...but I still had leftovers so I decided to try making something else with it -- pork. I'm not trying the brag but ho....that buggah was so ono! it had the right taste and oh so juicy!!

Pork chops
Garlic (minced)

1) Spread pork chops with generously with minced garlic.
2) Take a fork and poke into the pork chops.
3) Spread miso generoulsy over pork.
4) Drizzle 2-3 tbs Mirin,  then "massage" pork chops.
5) Let sit for 15-20 min in room temperature.
6) Add some oil in a heating pan,  I used vegetable oil.
7) Cook pork until cooked,  about 5-7 mins per side pending thickness.
8) Let stand for another 5 mins then cut and serve!