Monday, November 9, 2009

Cereal Bar

What to do with lefover marshmellows from 'smores, and too much cereal boxes? Make cereal bars! I used the same concept as rice krispies, can make alot of possibilities!

1/2 bar of butter
Leftover Marshmellows (or 3/4 bag of large marshmellows)
Cereal (I have cheerios, chex, and granola with craisin, about 1 cup each)
1/4 cup Chocolate Chips

Melt butter in a pot in medium heat, pour in marshmellows and stir to melt, turn heat to low. Once melted, remove from stove. Pour in Cereal and mix. Can add nuts and other dry fruits as you wish.

Pour into 9x13 pan, evenly distribute, then add chocolate chips. Press down to flatten. Let cool, about 1 hour. Cut into bars and wrap using siran wrap. Enjoy!