Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maki Sushi and Sushi Bento

This past weekend I visted a garage sale and they were selling an assortment of sushi dishes, I thought I was in heaven! I found out that they had a japanese restaurant before and they just had them stocked and wanted to finally get rid of them. There were alot more that I wanted to get...but I don't have too much room in my kitchen so I just picked up about 10 assorted dishes (glass and plastic) and they were only US$8!

Because I went nuts with the dishes, I figured I should make some sushi tonight. This time I decided to make Maki Sushi with tamago, tuna, and imitation crab. I have previously posted sushi how-tos here if you want to learn how to make different types of sushi, including maki sushi. Below will be recipes to make tuna and tamago.

Canned Tuna Sushi Filling

1 can (5 oz) tuna (drained and finely chopped)
3 tsp sugar
3 tsp shoyu
3 tsp mirin

1) In a skillet, combine sugar shoyu and mirin and let simmer.
2) Add in tuna and mix until liquid evaporates.


3-4 eggs
3 tsp sugar
3 tsp mirin
2 tsp shoyu
1/2 tsp salt

1) Beat eggs with sugar the rest of the ingredients
2) Pour egg mixture thinly on a greased (or non stick) skillet on medium heat.
3) Start from one end, lift and roll egg over until the eggs are fully rolled, making sure the eggs are cooked while rolling.
4) Push the "egg roll" back to the end you started with, then pour another dose of egg mixture thinly on skillet, wait for the egg mixture to set, then continue to roll to the other end of the skillet.
5) Continue step 4 until you are out of egg mixture, the roll should look like the size of an egg omlette.
6) Let "egg roll" continue to heat on low to cook through, remove from skillet and place on a cutting board.
7) Cut them into 1/2 inch slices.

It took me quite a while to get the tamago done. There are special skillet made especially for tamago making so you can look for those if cooking this way is too hard. While I was making this Mr. P asked if I was okay, since I was in the kitchen for quite some time. I told him I'm fine, and so he asked "are you having fun?", I quickly smiled and said "YES!!!" Ah...funny how cooking makes me happy. =)

Left over sushi goes into my bento box for lunch tomorrow.

Bento box top tier contains 3 pieces of meatballs and caesar salad, bottom tier contains 6 pieces of maki sushi (3 are using brown rice, 3 using half brown half white).


  1. You are making me craving for sushi!!!

    Going to go for Japanese buffet this weekend!!! Must stuff myself silly... after all the holiday season is here! yeah!

  2. Hi Angeleyes! So how was your buffet? Did you stuff yourself silly? I would!!! I love japanese food! but that means I'll have to exercise extra hard!

  3. OMG I *envy* you for just walking into that garage sale with sushi dishes! :) I love a bento with real sushi. Yours looks delish!

    As a matter of fact *I* had some tamagoyaki in my bento, which was good too :))

  4. @gnoegnoe: oh...I wish I have more hands to carry them dishes! But I know Mr. P won't be very happy seeing all those dishes!

    @Susan: Thanks!! =)

  5. Looks wonderful! Would love to see pictures of the tamago process, I've tried before and it really didn't turn out right.

  6. Hi Shannon! My tamago isn't in the perfect shape either but I'll see if I could do a quick demo. I notice we can upload video now, maybe I can do that *if* I'm up for it! Sushi rolls are also hard to explain. Best to I'll see what I can do with my video skills!