Friday, July 16, 2010

Sushi Night

I haven't made dinner in a long time. At least nothing worth mentioning. Last night I decided to make something Mr. P would like: sushi.

I went to pick up some poke (hawaiian style raw seafood salad) from the grocery store before heading home early evening. I had spicy tuna, ahi poke, ocean salad, along with a fresh wild caught ahi fillet. I thought about making california roll too, but I didn't get any avocados from my in-law's tree and decided to save some money. The poke and the sashimi costed about $25.

I have been using hapa rice (half brown and half white) for quite some time now and didn't have any white rice. I thought I could try making sushi rice out of them -- not really a good idea. It's best to use white japanese rice.

Sushi Rice:

cook rice as directed. in a bowl, mix in one part sugar, 2 part rice vinegar, and a dash of salt. If it's 2 cups cooked rice, then 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp rice vinegar, and 1/2 tsp salt. pour into cooked rice, mix well and let cool.

Inside out sushi roll:

Place siran wrap as base, place nori on top of siran wrap, thinly spread sushi rice all over nori. Flip nori over so rice is on the bottom. Add your inside stuff starting at half an inch from the base of the nori (mine is spicy tuna), line the filling up horizontally. start rolling by grabbing the siran wrap and cover the filling slowly and tightly, lifting the siran wrap up as the nori hits the inside and continue to roll through. Use your hands to grip the roll tightly, then open up the siran wrap. To cut, run a sharpe knife through cold water (per cut) and cut them into 6 to 8 pieces.

Maki Sushi:

Same as inside out, but don't flip the nori over, so rice is on the inside. =)

Gunkan style:

Using a pair of wet hands, grab some rice to shape it into an oval shape rice ball. Cut the nori into strips (you should be able to see the lines lightly indented on the sheet of nori) then wrap it around the rice ball with the base of the rice ball touching one base of the strip. This is so that there is room on the top of the nori to create a "pocket" to put your filling on top. Then you can fill in whatever filling you want on top, the more, the better. Filling suggestions (possibilities are endless!): spicy tuna, tako poke (octopus), ahi poke, ocean salad, tuna with mayo, corn with mayo, tobikko (flying fish eggs), ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin), etc.

Nigiri, or Sashimi:

No sweat, just cut them in slices and place it on top of an oval shape rice ball, or just eat them with wasabi and shoyu!

Of course there were plenty of poke leftover, I also made Edemame Rice with this too. for $25, i think it's not bad to play sushi chef!

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