Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Summer Bento

Next week lil P goes back to school. I don't think i'll be doing any more bentos unless he requests for it. So I decided to make this my best bento ever made. hahaha.

After reading a bunch of bento cookbooks and understanding of the placement, etc. I finally able to put them all together and make this bento the most presentable one. I just hope the soy beans stay in place since they're going to the Battle Ship Missouri today.

I made 3 bentos, one for lil P, the other two are for his friend and his friend's brother. My original plan was to make 3 little Pigs, with triscuits (as straw), pretzel rods (as wood), and chocolate bar that has blocks (as bricks). I thought that was a GREAT Idea! But when I asked lil P, he said his friend would prolly like the pokemon better. I'll do the 3 little pigs another time. :)

In these bento, I have 3 mini pepperoni pizza manapua: pikachu (american cheese, nori, swiss cheese as dot on the eyes, pepperoni as cheeks and mouth) and pokemon ball (swiss cheese, nori, and pepperoni), soy beans, a clementine (lil P doesn't like it, so I gave him some Juice Plus daily veggies and fruits), and an oki doki star cracker packet. All the remainder cheese and pepperonis from the cut outs are reused into the filling. So I've got nothing wasted!

I think this is a perfect wrap up for my summer bento-making. Now i can finally have time to clean the house....hahaha..


  1. Such a nice bento! I wish I could be lil P's friend whom is going to receive this! :D
    I hope lil P will request for bento once in a while so that I can see more bento from you, or I would have to wait until the next summer? :P

  2. @Kids Dream Work: thanks! I'm sure he will need bentos for field trips this school year. I'm just not sure if he'll still be enthusiastic about cute bentos since he is now a 4th grader. Kids grow up too quickly these days!

  3. These are great! Nice to see you go out with a bang. :-) I found some Pokemon furikake and I can't wait to use it. Nice blog Mrs. P!

  4. thanks Sonoma! haven't seen pokemon furikake before. I bought a packet of pokemon condiments that is for tea over rice cuz I didn't know what they were for, then use them to sprinkle on top of fried rice. I also got some already cut out pokemon nori a while ago. they're good stuff! :)

  5. Best ever bento and they came in 3 sets! You're sure a super mom! Guess Lil' P will ask for more bento after seeing this one!

  6. Oh, I love this! Don't make it your last one, it's too cute to stop now.

    Thanks for adding it to last week's link up! :o)

  7. WOW!
    Very beautiful Pokémon bentos and a very good side.
    Now i visit your side more frequently.
    i will try out more prescriptions. Thank you for this side :-)
    nice wishes melonpan

  8. Thank you Melonpan! You are more than welcome to come back anytime! :)