Thursday, May 27, 2010

Edamame Rice

Lil' P had a class party yesterday for last day of school. I made my fried noodles using yakisoba noodles, portugese sausage, spam, carrots, and cabbage. I went to help with the class, and found a 'dishlicious' (dish that is so delicious)! I asked what was in it and she gave me the ingredients:

Rice (she used Genmai, but can use hapa rice or brown rice)
edamame soybeans
Furikake (wakame kine, less salt if possible)
Nametake Mushrooms

cook rice and edamemae according to package.
In a large bowl, layer rice with edamame, furikake, and nametake mushroom.
Mix and add more furikake to taste.
Serve!! :)

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