Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shrimp Fried Rice Bento and Nutella-nana Wrap

I've got a few more pieces of Bacon Wrapped Shrimp leftover from Monday so I decided to chop it up and make another batch of fried rice (no kim chee this time). Lil P loves fried rice so that was his dinner with some popcorn chicken. To my surprise, he didn't finish, so I was able to pack the rest up for my lunch today.

I felt that my bento creations weren't fully well-rounded to include fruits and veggies lately. So I made an effort to make today's bento a better one. In this bento I have shrimp fried rice with popcorn chicken, grapes, persimmons (peeled and sliced), and garlic soy beans.

I have entered myself on a "Let's re-Do Lunch" photo contest hosted by California Raisins. Grand Prize includes money, year supply of raisins, and monetary donation to a food bank of my choice. Preliminary round will end on Nov 8th and only now I realize that 25% of the judging criteria will be determined by the number of votes, just to get into the semi-finals. If I make it, another public voting will take place Nov 10-29. If you are interested in joining in the fun, it's not too late! Otherwise, if you are on facebook and would like to vote for my Nutella-nana Wrap. Click Here to vote!

This Nutella-nana Wrap consist of Flatout bread spread with Nutella hazel nut, banana slices, raisins, shredded coconut, drizzle over with honey. I also sprinkled a few candied walnut on top of the plate. If i win, I will be donating to Hawaii Food Bank where I have been donating canned good since I was a little girl.

Wish me luck! or if you are interested in entering, good luck to you too!!


  1. Voted!

    All the best to you!!!

    I love bananas with chocolate wraps!

  2. Thank you Angeleyes!! Lil P loves them too!