Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guri Guri - Orange Creme Sherbert

Guri Guri is a japanese term for a ice cold snack that has a consistency of sherbert and ice cream. This term was originated from the plantation days, where they were given as a treat called "goodie goodie" to the japanese workers but was pronounced "guri guri" by the workers due to their english speaking skills.

I have heard that Maui has the best Guri Guri in Hawaii. I haven't tried it myself. We have a Samurai Sherbert that I think is the closest to it.

I don't make this very often, this is my 3rd time but each time I make it I have great reviews. It is probably not as good as what they have in Maui, but I still like it!

2 cans of Orange Soda**
1 can of 7-up or Sprite
1 can of condensed milk (14 oz)

1) Mix the soda together in a bowl that has a lid.
2) Slowly pour in condense milk, continue to stir until well blended.
3) Close lid and put in freezer.
4) Every hour bring it out of the freezer and remix, so that the condense milk doesn't settle to the bottom, about 3-4 times, freeze overnight.
5) Leave container out in room temperature for a few minutes before scooping to serve

**you can use strawberry soda or grape soda also.

Below is a pic of my two different flavors I made for the first time. I think strawberries and orange sodas go better with guri guri.

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