Friday, October 1, 2010

Honey Walnut Shrimp and Mongolian Beef

Lil P likes honey walnut shrimp when we go to chinese restaurant, so I told him I'll try to make it for him. Mr. P is allergic to shellfish so I made his chinese restaurant favorite mongolian beef.

Honey Walnut Shrimp

2 tbs water
3 tsp sugar
1/4 c shelled walnuts
2 egg whites
1/3 c mochiko flour
1/3 cup mayo
1 lb shrimp
2 tbs honey
1 tsp condensed milk
oil for frying

1) In a small skillet, mix together the water and sugar, bring to a boil
2) Add the walnuts, and stir occassionally until liquid evaporates, remove walnuts from skillet, set aside.
3) Peeled, deveined, and butterfly the shrimp.
4) Beat egg whites in a medium bowl until bubbles form then quickly stir in the mochiko until mixture forms a soft batter.
5)Heat the oil in a heavy deep skillet over medium-high heat. Dip shrimp into the mochiko batter, and then fry in the hot oil until golden brown, about 5 minutes.
6) Remove shrimp and drain on paper towel.
7) In a medium bowl, mix together the mayonnaise, honey and sweetened condensed milk. 8)Toss shrimp in and coat with the sauce.
8) Sprinkle the candied walnuts on top and serve.

Mongolian Beef

1/2 tsp ginger, minced
1 tbs garlic, minced
1/2 c shoyu (soy sauce)
1/2 c water
1/2 c brown sugar
1 lb steak
1/4 cup cornstarch
half of small onion, sliced and halved
Oil for frying

1) Add 2 tsp oil in heated small pot in low heat, add ginger and garlic, for a few seconds to get the aroma kicking, then add in shoyu and water.
2) Add in brown sugar, stir occasionally, set aside.
3) Dip sliced steak pieces into cornstarch, then fry them with oil for a couple of minutes.
4) Remove steak pieces and drain on paper towel.
5) Place oil in a skillet, cook the sliced onions.
6) Add in drained steak and stir fry.
7) Pour sauce over steak and onions, continue to stir fry sauce is absorbed evenly.
8) Mix water and cornstarch in a small bowl, then add to skillet.
9) Continue to stir fry until sauce thickens.
10) Serve.

They both turned out very yummy! But it took me two hours to get them finished, using 3 of my 4 stove ranges. Would I make this again? probably, but won't be often. Possibly on special occasions only, emmm...maybe once a year. haha! Both boys enjoyed them but I don't think they appreciated the hard work...

I put too much batter for the shrimp, and they sorta taste like tempura batter, so I made some okinawan sweet potatoe tempura out of them. it tasted okay (but I think the batter would be really good for chinese style fried oysters). I have leftovers so I was able to bring them to lunch the next day!

Bento for my sister: fried curried udon, topped with flower carrot and okinawan sweet potatoe (free hand btw >.<), okinawan sweet potatoe tempura, honey walnut shrimp, soybeans, mongolian beef.

Trio Bento (top tier is all in 3s) for me using Fit N Fresh 2-cup containers.


  1. These rich flavors have me drooling! Honey walnut shrimp has always been a great favorite of mine...

  2. All the food look so yummy and they make me really drooling, especially the shrimp! :)

  3. That shrimp dish is a favorite of mine and so is Mongolia beef. I may attempt the beef recipe. Thanks!

  4. All foods look so yum and great to put in the bento :) I'm hungry now!

  5. @bentobird: Thanks! It was still yummy the next day!

    @kris: Thanks! They ARE good! heehee!

    @KidsDreamWork: haha thank you! I enjoyed the shrimp too! Mr. P couldn't understand why that is a favorite for many...

    @couture&crayons: both dishes made a big mess in my kitchen! But it makes my boys happy...let me know how it goes for you! :)

    @lia: Thanks! My sister didn't mind eating my leftovers and she's been the one I make bentos for besides myself. And I love going to see her during lunch and I get to see my baby nephew! :)