Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Bento

Today's bento consists of leftovers from camping weekend as well using Fit N Fresh 2-cup containers. Top tier: Short ribs, Guava Chicken, Corn on the Cobb. Bottom tier: Fried noodles with fall leaves (bell peppers) and sugar snap peas.

I was so happy I found some small fall cookie cutters at Ross! Here is the set I got for under $3US! I planned on using the pumpkin cutter for halloween snacks to share with lil P's class. Any suggestions?

We had alot of fun this weekend at camp, playing and swimming under the sun, we even took a walk to the beach at night to catch sand crabs! Unfortunately there were alot of Portugese Man-o-war around the beach too. Thankfully no kids got stung, even though I always carry vinegar in my beach bag in cases like this...

Here is a snap shot of one of the many man-o-wars we saw that night at the beach...


  1. guava chicken sounds yummy and awesome that you found those cookie cutters! the man-o-war looks freaky! I've never seen one before! hehe

  2. Thanks Janell! The guava chicken was actually really tastey! Someone brought them as their potluck dish at camp. Freaky? I thought it was pretty cool looking...long as you don't touch the tentacles! They sting...BAD. Better watch out for them next time you go to the beach. They're usually on the windward side....

  3. Yummy bento! I still haven't thought about what you can do with the cutters. I'll get back to you! :)

  4. Love the orange and yellow falling leaves so much! Lovely fall bento!

  5. @susan: Thanks! I'm thinking about making pumpkin cheese crackers with googley eyes icing. But not sure yet. I didn't have nori cutters and maybe it's time to invest on one...

    @KidsDreamWork: Thanks! Can't believe it's fall already! Halloween bento should be coming up...i think...