Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homemade Loco Moco

Today is Loco Moco Day! So here is my version of the hamburger patty, similar to my hamburger steak, with a little more garlic and no hidden veggies.

Hamburger Patties

1 lb ground beef
2 pieces of bread end
1 egg
3 garlic
half an onion
1 tbsp hawaiian salt
2 tbsp worchestershire sauce
2 tsp black pepper
1 tbs garlic salt

1) Place ground beef in a large bowl.
2) Place bread ends on food processor and pulse until fine, pour over ground beef.
3) Place garlic and onion in food processor and pulse until fine, pour over ground beef and breadcrumbs
4) Add the rest of the ingredients and mix with hand (I used a glove)
5) Form into patties, place them on a heated skillet and press the middle to built an indent.
6) Cook both sides until done.
To make Loco Moco:
1) Place rice on the plate or bowl (white rice, brown rice, hapa rice, brown rice quinoa, barley quinoa, etc)
2) Top with cooked hambery patties.
3) Top with a fried egg
4) Drizzle with brown gravy

Mr. P helped with the cooking last night so he already had his loco moco for dinner. He said it was really good! So I decided to pack up for my Loco Moco Day bento. Using the fuel container, I have loco moco (with hapa rice and egg whites) on the bottom tier, top tier has layered jello and apple slices.

Adding this to "What's for Lunch Wednesday!" It's been awhile!!!

Hope you got a chance to like Home Kine Grindz Facebook! I am seeing alot of Loco Moco pics today! yay!!! Have a Loco Moco Day!!

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