Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Furikake Chex Mix Encore, Tebasaki Chicken, and Bento

Since I have some stale chex cereals leftover, I decided to use it for another round of furikake chex mix. This time, I added cheerios and nuts. You can go here to see my previous post for the furikake chex mix recipe. This recipe is my #1 hit on my blog, almost close to 600 hits!

Lil P has sport practices 2-3 weeknights a week that prevent me from cooking. Typically I would microwave something quick (pizza pocket, hotdog, manapua, etc) before I leave work, keep it warm in a lunch bag, and when he's done with sports, he can eat it as dinner in the car on the way home. But sometimes, I make his food the night before. He requested for curry for tonight's dinner so I prepare them last night. There are leftovers so I decided to make it into my bento for today.

The white tier consist of salad, korean pear and blueberries. I also made a bunny out of couple pieces of the fruits in celebration of Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. It kinda reminds me of a Raving Rabbid! What do you think?

Yellow tier contains kebasaki (japanese grilled chicken wings), beef curry, and Gen Ji Mai brown rice. The kebasaki recipe I have adapted from Happy Little Bento.

Mine didn't turn out as appetizing as hers, and will try and explore this recipe further. You can find her recipe here.

I'm posting my bento today on "What's for Lunch Wednesday"'s Hump Day Wednesday!!


  1. Excellent! Glad it came out; looks yummy :)

  2. @KidsDreamWork: Thanks!!
    @Sherimiya: pictures can be deceiving. hehe..but thanks!

  3. Yum, love the furikake chex mix, would be perfect nibble right now! Grilled chicken wings look yum, too!!

  4. nice idea...thanks for sharing....