Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Star Wars Pancakes

I knew going into William Sonoma would only mean breaking my wallet. I end up picking up not just the pancake molds, I also picked up the cookie cutters too. I did however laid my hands off of the apron. Thank goodness!

I picked up a package of Coach's Oats Multigrain Pancake Mix from Costco, so I decided to make some Star Wars pancakes. I was actually really tough to follow the instructions. The pancake kept sticking to the mold, no matter how much cooking spray I coated the molds! I threw away a few and managed to make the rest, even if some of the features where...mushed up. Mr. P later told me that I should have just make regular pancakes and then use the molds to cut them out and he'll eat the scraps. If he only told me sooner!

I often use pancake mix, because it saves time. However, I always add extras in there. The above I added crushed up extra fiber pop tarts. It acts just like chocolate chips, except with more fiber. You can also put chocolate chips, nutella, sliced bananas, or blueberries in the batter before cooking the pancakes. One thing I try to put is veggie or bean puree. YES you read it right! Sometimes I mix in cauliflower or cabbage puree into my pancake batter. And YES, sometimes I even put chickpea puree in my pancake batter. The kids can't taste them, especially with the added syrup they pour on top. So...why not?

I purchased The Sneaky Chef several years ago and Missy (the Author) gave me a ton of ideas to add extra veggies in kids' daily lives. I can't give her enough praise! There's nothing wrong with giving your kids extra veggies, even those who loves them!

Here's another leftover bentos. Zippy's Oxtail soup with brown rice. I also had a side of various sashimi (raw fish). I don't think anyone at my office looks forward to their homelunch as much as I do. Because...my homelunches are delicious! HAHA...what a brag..... >.<

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  1. Oh wow! Those Star War cutters are cool!!! If my friends (Star War fans) see these they will scream! hahahaha