Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ultimate Sneak-Away Contest

I have been a big fan of Missy Lapine and her book "The Sneaky Chef" as I have previously mentioned here. I have gotten a copy of this book several years ago and it changed the way I served my veggies at home since. She has since published 3 more books. Who knew veggies can be mixed into normal everyday food? I have raved about this book since the day I got it and I still talk about it today. I have since venture to try hiding veggies in local dishes and I am loving it! And yes...shhhh....Lil P and Mr. P really doesn't need to know this....

A couple of weeks ago I received my monthly newsletter email from Missy. She had joined Veggie Patch facebook to host "The Ultimate Sneak-Away Contest". I have done a couple of other recipe contests before (no luck at winning but was fun to share my recipes nonetheless), so I figured I should try this one too. To my SURPRISE, they announced that I am one of the finalists! I literally jumped up and down when I read the email! The next step I have to do is to put my recipe on video and post it on Veggie Patch facebook page and have the public vote for the best recipe in mid February.

It is not too late to submit your recipes or tricks to add veggies into foods. Please feel free to get on facebook and submit your entry! You may be joining me in winning the fabulous grand prize of Missy coming over to your house and cook for your family!!! AND a $150 SpaFinder gift card!!

Please go to Veggie Patch facebook page and click on "contest" for more information! Good luck!


  1. Congrats!!! Hope you'll win something!

  2. Sweet sauce! Be sure to let us know when/how to vote.

  3. @Angeleyes: Thanks!!
    @B: I think it's better than sweet sauce!!! haha! Gotta make the video first but once I get it up I'll be sure the spread the word!