Friday, August 13, 2010

What to do with leftover Steak

Leftover steak...isn't everyone's favorite. It is especially true if it's already cooked to its doneness. I try to cook my steak on medium rare, in case we have leftovers and it won't taste so bad after reheating. There are, however, many other dishes you can reuse for leftover steak besides eating it the same way again. I have made myself a steak salad the very next day at work (unfortunately no pictures).

Contiue on my Flat Out bread. I made myself a Steak Wrap the next night with leftover steak, lettuce, avocadoes, and sundried tomaotes. I didn't want to add any more calories but typically you would want to put light ranch dressing.

Alternatively, you can make yourself a phillycheese steak using leftover steak as well. I've made this previously so I'm going to post a pic here.

Cut a hoagie roll in half, place thinly sliced leftover steak, top with sauteed onions & mushrooms and swiss cheese. It's really fast and simple!

My last leftover steak, per Mr. P's request, was made into steak and eggs last night for his "late night" dinner at 10pm. He has recently gotten a gift of a bottle of BBQ sauce of his favorite Budweiser beer so I drizzle the sauce over the steak. That bottle of BBQ sauce sure smells like beer! He said it's good....but then again, anything with BBQ sauce is good with him. so...who knows!


  1. I love these ideas, Mrs. P! Steak and eggs would be right up our alley, since my hubby loves that breakfast dish. And I didn't think to try philly cheese steaks, yum!

  2. Thanks Sonoma! toasting the phillycheese steak makes it even yummier!