Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flat Bread Creations

Flat Breads are everywhere! So I thought maybe i should try incorporate different sandwich options for my diet.

Guacamole Tuna Sandwich with Sundried tomatoes

I wanted to make a tuna sandwich, but didn't want the mayo. I thought about making tuna with slices of avocado but instead, thought of something abit more extreme. Guacamole. I heard it somewhere, about 10 years ago, that guacamole is pronounced "wa-ka-mole-e" because "GUA" is pronounced "WA". But the first time I share my guacamole with my coworkers several years ago, they stopped me and said "how do you pronounce it? Wakamole? HAHAHAHA" I got laughed at and they think I have a problem pronouncing it. I told them I heard it someplace but they didn't believe me!!

Anyway, that's why I called it "Whack-a-Tuna" because i mixed guacamole with tuna and I pronounce "gua" as "wa". It might seem odd, don't believe I have seen anyone mixing tuna with guac before, but it tastes pretty good. I figured, tuna is fish, goes well with lemon juice which is in the guac, and tuna goes well with onions, and we eat tuna sandwich with tomatoes. So....why not use guac? so i did. and topped it with sundried tomatoes. End result was that I didn't taste the guac, because the tuna's flavor was too strong. I dunno if it's because I was hungry, or the sundried tomatoes made it taste good, but it was good.

"Avocado Sundried Tomatoes Pesto Sandwich"

This was actually really really good. I spread the bottom of the flat bread with pesto then top with fresh slices of avocados and chopped sundried tomatoes. It was REALLY GOOD! better than the Whack-a-Tuna. :)


  1. That "Whack-a-tuna" looks really yummy with that juicy feel! :D

  2. I love Guacamole!!!!
    You're reminding me of the fajitas with guacamole now and I want to eat it now! :P

  3. Thanks guys (Kids Dream Work & Angeleyes)! Thanks also for checking up on my page even though my bento sessions are over. :)