Friday, August 6, 2010

Chicken Cutlet Curry with Chicken Tsukune (Chicken Meatballs)

I wanted to make curry last night for dinner. Lil P loves curry. Normally I would dice up chicken breast and put into the curry but this time, I decided to use chicken cutlet.

Chicken cutlet is the frozen ones I bought from Costco. It's breaded but chicken is still raw inside. All I gotta do is pop it in the oven and let it bake til crispy. While waiting for the cutlet to cook, I cooked some chopped onions in a small pot, then add in frozen peas and carrots (I realized I didn't have any potatoes, but it's okay, lil P doesn't like them anyway). Then followed the instruction on the package of the curry block to finish the veggie curry sauce.

put rice in a bowl, then top with chicken cutlet, then top with curry.

Chicken Tsukune is something new. I've read a few chicken meatball recipes, some asks for cabbage, some asks for flour, eggs, bread crumbs, or potatoe starch. I didn't have any of them, so I just decided to make my own.

1 lb ground chicken
3 tbsp oyster sauce
2 chopped shiitake mushrooms
1/4 cup of chopped onions
salt & pepper

mix all the ingredients together, grab some of the mixture in your hand, and squeeze it so that the meat mixture comes out of your thumb and index finger to a ball size. Put the meatball in a skillet with olive oil and cook until golden brown.

I did a handfull of the meatballs and realized it's too messy. So I end up making small patties in the end.

I tasted the first meatball to see if it is tasty enough before frying the rest of them. It was sooooo juicy and delicious! I can't believe I have never made this before! It was simple, yet delicious! (and a bit messy)

I also asked Lil P what he thought of his dinner last night (first picture), he had two thumbs up and finished the entire bowl!


  1. I just made a stash of these meatballs too! I understand why they get messy coz without the bread crumbs! So, how I found out? I did 2 batches, one with and one without. The one with bread crumbs and little cubes of white bread are firmer compared to those which I did not put bread crumbs but with the bread cubes.

    You can freeze these and they are really handy for bentos! I always take a few and thaw them before cooking over some home made teriyaki sauce and they are yummy! I'm sure Lil P will enjoy that! :D

    The curry looked delicious and I must go get a packet to try... my boy don't take curry as he can't really eat spicy food but I know Japanese curry is kind of sweet! :)

  2. thanks for the tips Angeleyes! I will most definitely use bread crumbs next time! I was going to freeze them for future use, but I brought the rest of them along with the curry and the cutlets over to a friend's house the next evening and made the same thing for them. So they're all gone! Looks like I'm ready to make a new batch WITH breadcrumbs this time! :)

  3. These meatballs certainly looks yummy with the gravy! Your photo always make me feel hungry, haha...