Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tonkatsu and Furikake Ahi Katsu

Ok I lied, I will do another post since I do have alittle bit time on my hands!

Tonkatsu is also known as pork katsu, or pork cutlet.

Thin filets of pork
beaten eggs*
panko flakes
oil for frying

1) Have 3 plates side by side, filled the first plate with flour(approx 1/2 cup, but when you run out, you would want to add more flour), dash of salt and pepper.
2) Filled the 2nd plate with beaten eggs (approx 2, again add more when you run out).
3) Filled the 3rd plate with panko flakes (approx 1/2 cup, again, add more as you run out).
4) Heat oil in a large skillet (3/4 cups, add more as you run out).
5) Dip pork first in flour, then eggs, then panko, then fry until golden brown.
6) place cooked cutlet on paper towel to absorb the oil, then cut them into stips.

*For veggie hiders (like me), I mixed in 1/4 cup of sweet potatoe puree in the egg.

I bought 8 slices of pork for about $7, then I saw ahi steak (also known as raw tuna) for $6. I figured I can make ahi katsu, but I made it even better, with furikake!

Ahi Steak (Raw)
garlic powder
beaten eggs
panko flakes

1) Season ahi steak with a dash of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, both sides.
2) Place 3 plates side by side, one with flour, one with beaten eggs, last plate with panko and furikake mix.
3) Drench ahi steak first in flour, then eggs, then panko/furikake mix, same as stated with the tonkatsu recipe. Then fry until golden brown.
4) Lay it on paper towel to absorb the oil, then cut into strips.

I took a taste and WOW that was awesome, it was crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside!! It was YUMMY!! But...Mr. P...that man...sigh. asked me for tarter sauce. LOSE MONEY!!

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