Friday, February 18, 2011

Mini Cheese Burger Manapua (bun)

I like to buy bulk or family size ground beef and divide them up into 1 pound portions, put into ziplog bags, flatten them and put them in the freezer (save freezer space and it actually defrost quicker) as I have mentioned here. When it's time to make spaghetti, I would pull one of the bags out the night before and let it defrost in the fridge. After cooking the ground beef with diced garlic, onions, and black pepper, I would use only half of the cooked ground beef for the spaghetti sauce and save the other half for another dish for another day. This time, the other dish was mini cheeseburger Manapua (buns) for a quick grab and go meal for lil P.

1 can of biscuit dough from the refrigerated section (such as pillsbury)
leftover cooked ground beef
1 cup of shredded cheese
1 beaten egg

1) Open the can of biscuit dough and flatten each pieces to about 1/8 inch (it fluffs back up, but that's ok)
2) Place cheese and ground beef in the center of the flatten biscuit dough piece.
3) Pull the edges of the dough up to fully cover the ground beef and cheese content, pinching the edges together to close.
4) Place it pinched side down on a greased cookie sheet and continue to do the same until all the biscuit doughs are done.
5) Brush beaten egg on top of each dough.
6) Place the cookie sheet with the doughs in oven according to the biscuit dough instruction and cook according to the desired time.

I have done this with pepperoni for my mini pizza manapuas which I have submitted for the Ultimate Sneak-Away Contest (hiding the same carrot puree) but didn't get picked.

Speaking of which, THANK YOU for those who voted for my Easy Peanut Butter Sandwich Surprise!! The contest is still on-going til next week Tuesday (Feb 22nd) so please continue to vote for me!!

I've had some stupid mistakes on the video so I added text on my youtube video that you are unable to see on the contest link. You can view my video with silly captions here:

This is the 95th post!!! As mentioned in my previous post, when I get my 100th post, the big GIVEAWAY will commence!!!


  1. Yay, great video!!! :) I love the mini cheeseburger manapuas- very clever!

  2. Ohh that looks yummy! I will have to try it, I have a lot of frozen crescent rolls in the freezer I forgot about. :(

    Nice to see what you look like in your video! :)

  3. @susan: Thanks! This was my first time making the cheeseburger...typically would be pepperoni pizza but lil P likes this too!

    @Pikko: So you can place them in the freezer? good to know! Hope they didn't get soaked in chicken juice.... oh and *blush* about the video. haha!