Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lechon Kawali Special

I have really only tried this dish about 2 years ago at Mililani Golf Course. When I first had it, I immediately thought my husband would LOVE it. So....I decided to create a quick version sometime later. I was right, he absolutely loved it! It's like roast pork poke! LOL!

Lechon Kawali Special (Quick version)

Chinese Roast Pork (with crispy skin)
Black Pepper
Fish Sauce
1) Cut roast pork in small pieces.
2) Stir fry roast pork with oil for a min or so, turn off heat. (or you can completely skip this process if you are ok with them at room temperature)
3) Toss in diced tomatoes, sliced onions, pepper, and fish sauce (about a tbs or two). Give it a quick stir.
4) Place in serving plate or bowl.
5) Ready to serve!!!!!
So this is a quick version because I'd pick up ready-made chinese roast pork at the store. If you want to attempt making the real deal at home, following my chinese roast pork recipe!

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