Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bento Making

I have been reading alot about bentos, I have become virtual friends with Susan Yuen who's had her second bento book out already. I enjoy reading her blog with cute bento ideas, and I absolutely love her recipe portion of her book. I often seek for her advice. Lil' P started summer fun and I needed to make him lunch daily. I thought, "maybe it's time for me to start making bentos" and asked her what she would recommend for older boys. She responded with a post just for me!!! How awesome is that?!!?!


Let's see if I could make it happen...

6/16 Summer fun bento: Autobot Chicken Quesadilla with Extra Fiber Poptart

Thanks Susan!!

6/17 "Stampede of Dinosuars" titled by lil' P


  1. Awesome!!! It turned out perfect and I'm so glad that he liked it! :D