Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Bentos (plus Julie and Julia)

conquered more bentos this week!

6/21 "Basketball"

American cheese single, use a cup to cut the cheese in a circle, then use a tooth pick to cut out the lines of the basketball.

6/22 "Fishy Fishy in the Sea"

Use cookie cutter to cut out the shape from the bread, spread peanut butter or Nutella and sandwich together. Using toothpick, draw the eyes and mouths using Nutella. Add graps and soy beans to act as 'bubbles'.

6/23 "Catapillar"

Line meatballs (ready made) to look like a catapillar, cut two small carrot pieces into "L" shape, poke it in the first meatball top as antenna, place 3 pieces of shredded cheese for eyes and mouth.

Julie and Julia (semi review)
While I was folding clothes the other day, I turned the channel and found Julie and Julia on HBO. I didn't see the beginning, neither did I finish the movie before I get called out to finish up other chores. But I did watch about half an hour of it. To my surprise, it was a pretty good movie! Part of it is because I love cooking, but also because it was just entertaining! Maryl Streep played really well as Julia Child and I love the frustration and melt down of Amy Adams trying to work on a recipe but couldn't get it the way she would like. Reminded me of the time I had to make a dinosaur cake for lil' P's bday party and it turned out to be a disaster! I cried and sobbed and good thing mr. P was comforting. Speaking of which, he hasn't been comforting lately. hmph! Anyway, I am planning on recording it so i could watch it entirely. As a matter of fact, that book is at the "lending" library at work. I was tempted to borrow it to read it....but I never finish a book. sigh....


  1. Yay, great bentos! :D Julie and Julia is on my must see list. :)

  2. thanks susan! I stopped by the 99 cent store the other day in hopes to buy some bento making stuff. To my surprise, all the cool things I've seen before are now gone. they do have some other cute stuff but I decided to hold off until next time. I really should have started this years ago when my little one is younger. He's older now and...I don't think he's appreciating the creativity I have on his lunches. My friends, however, after seeing pics of the bentos, all commented on how cool they were!

  3. Julie and Julia was alright...I think they're both NUTS!