Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chicken Egg Rolls

I called this egg rolls because this one have eggs in it! :)

2 small pieces chicken breasts, chopped (can substitute with ground chicken or turkey)
3/4 cups cabbage, shredded
handful of carrots, julienne
1 egg, scrambled (save the last drip of beated egg**, you'll use it to seal the roll at the end)
1 dried shitake mushroom (soaked, drained, and shredded)
dash of garlic salt
dash of black pepper
1 tbsp oyster sauce
spring roll wrappers

1. Marinate chicken with garlic salt and black pepper for a few minutes (you can use this time to shred/cut veggies and scramble the egg)

2. Pan fry chicken until meat no longer pink, add in cut up cabbage, carrot, mushroom, egg, and oyster sauce and mix well, until cabbage is slightly soften. Remove from heat, set aside.

3. Cut spring roll wrapper in half or fourths depending on size (about 4 inches square or 8 inches side of triangle)

4. Place meat mixture (about 1 tbsp worth of mixture)
a) in one corner (if wrapper is square) or
b) the base of the wrapper (if wrapper is triangle)
roll it up covering the mixture once, then fold the sides in, then continue to roll until you reach the tip, seal with egg wash**.

5. Deep fry in oil or bake at 400 degrees (don't forget to flip) until golden brown.

6. Serve with sweet chili sauce.

If you want to make spring rolls (those often serve at vietnamnese restaurants), go here!

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