Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza)

Have you tried this before? I've tried it once at a restaurant in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Wakiki. I saw the package on the shelf at Marukai Store several years ago so I thought I should try make some. But now I don't have membership there so I haven't been getting them. I recently saw them at Don Quixote so I picked up 2 packages, make one and give the other one on my giveaway!

Everything on the outside package is in Japanese, but the good news is that the inside has picture instructions in Japanese, English, and Korean!

Unfortunately it isn't colored so it took me awhile to figure out which package to use for what. This is what I have.

1) Cut up cabbage.
2) In a bowl, add 160cc of water, which is equivelent to 2/3 cups of water, add the pink packet and the clear and orange packet, mix well.
3) Add in the cut cabbage, two eggs, and the yellow packet, mix but don't over mix.4) Drop it in a greased pan like a pancake and cook for 3 minutes.
5) Place 3 pieces of bacon on top, then use a spatula or two, flip the content with the bacon now on the bottom, cook for 5 minutes.
6) Flip over once more and cook for 3 more minutes.
7) Plate with bacon on top, sprinkle the green packet on top.
8) Drizzle okonomiyaki sauce all over (not provided), and you can also sprinkle some salmon skin on top too (also not provided).

The package makes 2 pizzas. Mr. P doesn't like the fact that it tastes nothing like a real pizza, so I was able to pack the 2nd one up for lunch tomorrow! I omitted the bacon for my lunch.


  1. Mrs. P,
    Huge fan over here!!!
    I stumbled upon your blog looking for a kim chee fried noodle recipe (which I am excited to try!)
    Your recipes have inspired me to venture beyond my mildly-pathetic cooking "skills."
    Ive clicked through all your recipes and have noticed our pallettes are similar.
    I will definitely try your edamame rice, kim chee noodles, kim chee rice, furikake chex mix, And chicken and dried scallop juke just to name a few.

    I am a poor college student and am counting the days till school is over and i get to fly home to Kauai for the summer and get to try your delicious recipes using the (free) ingredients I find in my parents pantry!!

    Keep blogging :) I will continue to be a devoted reader!

  2. @Anonymous: Thanks!!! I'm glad I'm able to reach out to those who are away from home!