Monday, December 19, 2011

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I know...I have been slacking on updating this. I haven't cooked anything new worth mentioning. and I also haven't made bentos for lunch in awhile.

But since Christmas is coming around the corner. I'd like to share with you our Gingerbread House making experience!

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House (to make one, double or multiply ingredients if making more)

Royal Icing (makes 3/4 cups of icing)
3/4 tbsp meringue powder
1 cups confectioners' sugar
1.5 tbs warm water

OR any white store-bought frosting

1 Paper Plate
1 foil (to wrap the plate)
1 10oz empty milk carton (staple the mouth)
4 graham unbroken crackers (should have 8 squares total)
colorful candies/cereal (such as skittles, m&ms, fruit loops, jelly beans, candy cane, lucky charms, marshmellow, etc.)

1) If using royal icing: Beat royal icing ingredient together until icing forms peaks (best if using electrical mixer)
2) Place royal icing (or store-bought frosting) in ziplog bag or pastry bag for piping
3) Take one square of cracker and saw two triangles using plastic knife (see picture below), this will be place on the top triangle sides of the milk carton
4) wrap plate with foil
5) Pipe some icing on the bottom of the milk carton as a "glue" and place it on the plate
6) "Glue" a square of cracker on each of the milk carton (the dotted lines on the cracker should be VERTICAL)
7) "Glue" a square of cracker on each side of the roof (the dotted lines on the cracker should be HORIZONTAL)
8) "Glue" the triangles on the sides to cover the remainer of the carton
9) It's okay to have gaps in between each crackers, they don't always touch. You may now pipe in the icing to cover up all the gaps and spaces of the carton
10) Use the rest of the icing as glue to place candies and cereal on and decorate it the way you want it!

Below is Lil P's masterpiece. He wanted to have a nice landscape!

Have a wonderful merry christmas and a joyous happy new year!!

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